Thursday Week 3

One possibility is for the upper to be woven. I looked into the current 4D knitting technologies which is a computer based production and this lead me to looking into hand made materials which took me to weaving.

This process using a weaving loom works well to create square pieces of fabric. I then tried to take this method and create a custom shape such as a shoe upper, this way there would be no off cuts. To do this I made a frame using nails in a piece of timber and did a test piece.

Test worked well, moving onto a larger scale.



Published by rikolthuis

I am an art design student currently at massey university interested in all spects of art, my main areas consist of product design, painting and drawing and like to use these as a way of conveying thought and creativity in design. My family is originally from Holland but have recently moved to New Zealand. I hope to one day be involved in the designing of sport gear overseas, a job that will combine my passion for both art and sport.

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