Semester 2 – Week 8 Friday

I revisited the first 3D printed sole I modelled and applied some of the skills I learnt from grasshopper to make a shell with closed areas that would make contact with the ground. When printing I set it to build support but this proved problematic as it made a thin layer of TPU across the entire sole, when I tried to remove this it left a rough torn texture across the sole.


Continuing with the print, I wanted to test how the foam would look if I was to sew and attach the upper before pouring the foam in.

To sew the upper I wanted to using two layers of fabric so I used a stretchy cotton blend with the hand woven fabric I made earlier in the paper. These are the cuts and stitches I would be making:


The red line show where a cut would be made and folded over before sewing, this would give strength to the lacing holes. I also used the 3D prints of the heel and toe cup to insert in between the two layers to help with support.



Then using the leftover nylon I stitched the upper to the sole by hand.



Next I made a large batch of bio foam to pour into the 3 concept soles. Two of these used flour that I flattened along with masking tape to contain the foam and the last used just masking tape.






Pouring the foam after attaching the upper was a lot more difficult as the fabric would hang over the entrance and some got covered in foam, once set I was able to peel it all off but was still an annoyance. It was also more difficult to get an even lever as I had to tilt the shoe to get the foam to flow to the front but some would slow down and set and cause a lump in the middle of the forefoot.


Published by rikolthuis

I am an art design student currently at massey university interested in all spects of art, my main areas consist of product design, painting and drawing and like to use these as a way of conveying thought and creativity in design. My family is originally from Holland but have recently moved to New Zealand. I hope to one day be involved in the designing of sport gear overseas, a job that will combine my passion for both art and sport.

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