Semester 2 – Week 9 Monday

Model outcomes



The foam shows well through the open cells on the sole, I could remove more around the edges for a more speckled gradient.

Pouring the foam last does make the join look cleaner from the inside but the fabric does cover some of the voronoi cells from the outside, stopping the foam from showing through well.



20190926_093842 (1).jpg

The two layers of fabric helped with comfort and also the look of the upper, it doesn’t crease up as much.

Out of curiosity I then weighed the shoe against an Allbirds woollen sneaker. My shoe weighed 245g and the Allbirds weighed 234g. Although the Allbirds is a size 11 compared to my size 6 but too only be 11g heavier is a promising sign as this weight would get lighter with a 3D print infill amongst the foam.

Published by rikolthuis

I am an art design student currently at massey university interested in all spects of art, my main areas consist of product design, painting and drawing and like to use these as a way of conveying thought and creativity in design. My family is originally from Holland but have recently moved to New Zealand. I hope to one day be involved in the designing of sport gear overseas, a job that will combine my passion for both art and sport.

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